At Studio Tempo®, we are dedicated to embracing and exploring new perspectives.

We set ourselves apart by integrating diverse cultural and social perspectives into our design solutions.

Our methodology enables us to create projects that meet clients' needs and resonate deeply with a diverse audience.

Integration of design practices that consider different cultural and social contexts in all projects.

Collaboration with a diverse network of designers, artists, and experts to ensure a wide range of perspectives.

Active engagement with communities to deeply understand their needs and desires.

Continuous education and dialogue about the importance of diversity and inclusion in design.

Creation of robust design strategies and solutions with strong cultural relevance.

We develop visual identities, branding systems, campaigns, and experiences that reflect a diversity of voices. We work with a wide range of clients, from global technology and retail companies to independent artists and cultural institutions, launching brands, products, books, websites, campaigns, and experiences.


Vinicius Theodoro is a multidisciplinary designer and creative director based in São Paulo, with a career spanning 15 years. He has worked in various areas of design, including branding, art direction, editorial, digital, and advertising. His work is characterized by comprehensive research and strategic thinking, resulting in concepts that materialize in all aspects of design.

He studied Graphic Design at Veiga de Almeida University in Rio de Janeiro and specialized in Type Design at ELISAVA | School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, where he took classes with Bas Jacobs (Underware) and Joancarles Casasín (TypeTogether). He completed a one-year academic immersion in Furniture Design at IED | European Institute of Design.

Before founding Studio Tempo®, Vinicius was the Design Director at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, where he led a team focused on the design and development of brand identities, primarily serving clients like C&A, Nike, and Nubank. He also worked at Tátil Design, collaborating with product designers, photographers, and developers on various studio and corporate projects. Additionally, he held the position of Head of Design at BBDO NY, working remotely, and co-founded Dialeto, an illustration studio in São Paulo.

He founded Studio Tempo®, where he leads a team of talented designers, creating integrated projects for institutions, brands, and individuals. His work has been recognized in various design awards and publications, highlighting his ability to integrate strategy and creativity into innovative projects.

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